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What is Waterjet cutting and how Does it Work?

Waterjet technology is a computerized cold cutting technology that can cut most materials into any two dimensional shape. Stainless steel, brass, bronze, raw steel, aluminum, marble, granite, porcelain, ceramic, glass, linoleum, sports flooring, and vinyl are all excellent materials for the waterjet process.
Waterjet cutting is a clear cold process that does not heat, harden, or distort metals. Waterjet cleanly and efficiently cuts stone, ceramics, and porcelains. Anything that can be drawn on a computer can be cut by waterjet.
Many materials like stone, porcelain, and stainless steel cannot economically be cut into complex shapes in any other way. As a full service waterjet facility, Creative Cutting Service has 3 waterjet systems ranging in size from 4a��x 8a�� cutting surfaces to 6a��x 12a��

Environmental Considerations

The waterjet cutting process is an environmentally friendly solution to many complex cutting operations. The process is clean, and does not create grindings, chips, or chemical air pollution. Waterjet carries away the eroded material, practically eliminating dust and does not generate pollutants and fumes associated with other cutting methods. Cutting oils or emulsions are not needed with this process.

The Process from Customer to Finished Installation

A.T.S. has complete design and project management capabilities our facility. The following steps exemplify the range of our project management capabilities for decorative projects.

  1. Concept sketches, blueprints, or electronic files are faxed, emailed, or sent to ATS by the customer. Or, ATS can function as the principle designer of projects or assist the customer’s designers. Careful attention is given not only to design integrity and structural stability, but also to the total scope of the project including quality, cost, and our client’s time constraints. Designs are developed to reflect size, scale, materials, and joint sizes and detail positioning of the design within a designated space (wall, floor, etc.) inlay details, number of pieces, and assembly schematic. Fully specified computer designs are created, complete with cost, dimensions, crating, shipping and installation, including a full spec sheet of materials to be used. Full use and support of the ATS art and design department is available upon request by the customer. All materials for a project can be sourced by ATS or the customer may provide their own materials to ATS for manufacturing. Costs then reflect the manufacturing process only.
  2. Programming/CAD Fully detailed final drawing are created for approval. This process includes generating all documentation, templates, and assembly instructions. Project documentation is produced, including parts, quantities, lists, diagrams and assembly instructions.
  3. Files are downloaded to one of ATS waterjet systems. The materials – in this example marble, ceramic, and granite – are placed on the computerized waterjet machine and cut into the required shapes.
  4. The cut designs or patterns are checked for fit an dimensions at ATS. Where appropriate, parts are pre-assembled for installation.
  5. On unique projects ATS will oversee installation or arrange installation by ATS’s own installers or approved contractors.